Fenix Advanced Materials

From left-to-right, Fenix Advanced Materials founder Don Freschi, Fenix Senior Technician Vince Demolo and First Tellurium CEO Tyrone Docherty with a specimen of ultra-high-purity (UHP) tellurium at the Fenix plant in Trail, British Columbia.

A partnership for potential future tellurium extraction and purification plus other synergies to achieve a vertically integrated enterprise for cleantech metals.

Fenix is a clean technology company specializing in the manufacture of ultra-high purity (UHP) metals. They sell a variety of UHP metals for use in solar energy, telecommunications and commercial/military Infrared markets and are currently working with UBC Okanagan and European partners to develop a solid-state, next-generation lithium-tellurium battery.

Fenix is one of few companies worldwide achieving six nines (99.9999) and even seven nines (99.99999) purity for critical metals.

Benefits to First Tellurium shareholders:

  1. Potential access to new and innovative sources of funding, perhaps far less dilutional, outside of traditional channels that are not working well at present.
  2. Contributes to a vertically-integrated critical metals enterprise, encompassing exploration, mining, processing, end users, research and more. This gives us additional opportunities, on many levels, for funding and building the company.
  3. Provides additional expertise, exposure, connections and relationships.
  4. We gain far more leverage in developing the Deer Horn Property as well as other sources of critical metals that we are investigating.
  5. Both Teck Metals and UBC, key partners with Fenix, bring First Tellurium new, world-class partners that could be instrumental in taking not only the Deer Horn Project further, but other projects that come out of future partnerships we are advancing.

Visit the Fenix Advanced Materials website for more information.